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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion illustration @ Altos de Chavon!!!

It is always wonderfully complex to go back to Altos de Chavon.
It makes me happy and sad. It makes me tired and excited all at once!! overwhelming!!
It is written in stone, my love for the school and my desire to contribute to it's legacy.
This time, I went to impart a fashion illustration drawing class.
Drawing is an essential skill in the language of art and design. Part of my goal is to guide my student toward the magic of mark making, and the creation of their own visual codes. In the case of fashion drawing, the idea is to represent the design and the spirit of it. My biggest reward is to witness my student's development, especially when I see them searching to find the balance between the concept, the emotions, and the physicality of drawing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ART/QUAKE print portfolio, Jan 12th reception!!!my print is titled My upside down island

Dear all,
I hope you can join us for this special project, which honors Haiti’s history in artistic leadership, and addresses the impact of the January 12, 2010 earthquake on the nation’s visual art community. See the attached press release for more info!!

A print portfolio project  by:
Terry Boddie                                 
Vladimir Cybil Charlier
Aurora De Armendi                                    
Marlie Decopain                RFA Renaissance Fine Arts
Scherezade Garcia           2075 Adam Clayton Powell Jr /124th St.
Klode Garoute                   Harlem, N.Y. (212. 866-1660)
Rejin Leys                                                  
Cathy Mooses             Reception: January 12th, 2011, 6PM
Juana Valdes               An’ Pale-Artist Talk: January 15th, 2011, 4PM
Didier William                                          

Proceeds will support artists and artisans in Haiti who were adversely impacted by the earthquake.
Co-sponsored by Haiti Cultural Exchange. Click here to see more info 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Latino Art Now, third Biennial National Conference, LA 2010

The New Wave/La Nueva Ola
Since 2005, The Latino Art Now! Conference has become a important forum for artists, art professionals, educators, scholars, critics, collectors, and art dealers. Through dialogue in panels, and the presentation of academic scholarship, the conference examines the contemporary state of Latino art in the United States and the world. We had the opportunity of presenting The Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA at the conference!! It was a great opportunity and wonderful experience!!! to share, receive feedback from people we highly respect, to mingle with artists friends. We are so grateful!! in the photos Eduardo Diaz (Smithsonian Latino Center), E. Carmen Ramos (Smithsonian Latino Center), Pepe Coronado (Coronado Studios), Iliana Emilia(artist), myself, Freddy (artist), and Fernando Salicruz (Taller Boricua)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Manifestaciones, the Dominican-York projecto grafica@The Dominican Studies Institute, City College of NY

This printmaking project was born by the urge to document the 
graphic work of artists of Dominican descent living, and working in 
New York.
These group of artists, working collectively have developed not only 
a historical printmaking portfolio,but also a contemporary visual 
comment on the diverse migration experience of the Dominican 
community.There is a diversity of voices aesthetically and in the 
variety techniques, from etching, lithograph,block, mixed media to 

The Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA is a printmaking collective of 
twelve artists of Dominican
descent, who live and work in and around New York City.

Headed by Pepe Coronado, the artists of the collective are: Carlos 
Almonte, Pepe Coronado,
Rene De Los Santos, iliana emilia Garcia, Reynaldo Garcia Pantaleon, 
Scherezade Garcia, Alex Guerrero,
Luanda Lozano, Miguel Luciano, Chiqui Mendoza, Moses Ros-Suarez, and 
Rider Urena.

Our first project is a print portfolio of twelve images in an 
edition of twenty-five called ”MANIFESTACIONES”,
a collection of imagery depicting cultural markers in the form of 
customs, beliefs, icons and “maƱas”
Dominicanas (Dominican idiosincracies)

The mission of the Dominican York Proyecto GRAFICA is:

-to advance the state of contemporary Dominican American graphic 
arts through a rich and varied
-to engage in research and development of innovative and 
contemporary graphic ideas and techniques.
-to create prints using a variety of techniques from traditional to 
the newest, safest and cleanest
processes of today.
-to lead in creating new venues for exchange of ideas and cultures
-to broaden the public’s knowledge of modern Dominican culture 
through exhibitions, lectures, and
-to document and manifest the graphic tradition in the Dominican 
Republic by creating an entity
solely focused in its
history and development
-to create captivating pieces of art
scherezade garcia

"Theories on Freedom" @ City College from Nov 8th to Nov 11th, 2010

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